Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let's Play the Name Game

As usual, politicians and their camps are up to more ridiculousness in this years election. One of my favorite subplots has been the Republicans Exploitation of Barack Obama's unfortunate name.

As you have probably been reminded, Barack Obama's last name rhymes with Osama. As in Osama Bin Laden. For this reason we must fear him, fight him, possibly assasinate him, for why else would his name rhyme with the name of America's Most Wanted, than because of the fact that he is in league, allied to, and working for the Terrorist leader.

But that's not all. Ann Coulter has reminded us on several occasions that Obama's middle name is Hussein. Obviously this means Barack, if elected, will ressurrect Saddam Hussein, name him dictator of not only Iraq again, but America as well. Thus begins a reign of terror that will of course lead to the end of the world.

So is this how America wants to act? Anyone who was ever an enemy of this country, we denounce their name, and all who share it? Yeah, that should work. Everyone with a name like Osama or Hussein is probably evil and hates America any way. Otherwise why would they have that name, right?

But let's not stop there, let's round up all the worst people we can think of. Anyone with a name resembling Pol Pot or Adolf Hitler can not be trusted. Pol Pot killed close to a million people in the Cambodian Genocide. Hitler of course killed 12 million people, in the holocaust.

Following those lines, Josef Stalin has probably killed more people than anyone else in recent history. Many experts estimate he murderred over 25 million people. So let's round up all the Joes, Josephs, Joeys, and Jo's out there, as it's obvious they carry his penchant for murder.

And what about Traitors to America? Benedict Arnold in the Revolutionary War, and more recently, John Walker Lindh in the War On Terror. So let's toss anyone named Arnold, or Arnie, in prison. I guess California needs to find another Governor again.

And lest we forget, John McCain also carries the name of a traitor. I guess we need to chuck him in Prison too. He alsways seemed like a nice guy to me, and fiercely loyal to the country. But sometimes you can't argue with this kind of logic.

It's a good thing Ann Coulter has the best interests of America at heart.

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Christina said...

This is a good post. Did you ever see this on SNL last week?

I thought it was pretty funny.